21 NOVEMBER 2021



TEXT: LUKE 10: 17-24

SUBJ: The example of Jesus in thanksgiving and the things for which He gave thanks as opposed to the superficial thanksgiving of the world.
AIM: That we might rejoice in that for our Praised and gave thanks as we look to the essence of our salvation.
INTR: Typical thoughts of thanksgiving with many are confined to a holiday (which we do well to observe) and tend toward thoughts of material things. We would look to spiritual things.
1. Common to all is a perceived state of blessedness in which we might apply many definitions of thanksgiving - anything from feeling better than others to acknowledging the true source.
2. The Lord's people will be led to think on the mercies of God and the grace given them whereby they may serve.
3. We would see, in Jesus, attention being drawn to that which glorifies God above all else as a reason for praise and thanksgiving.
THESIS: We may be thankful for all that we have, for all we know, and for the hope that is within us. But it is especially blessed to be able to joyously acknowledge the wisdom of God in salvation.
I. The occasions of Jesus' thanksgiving.
1. At the feeding of the multitudes, He took the elements and gave thanks, and they were multiplied.
1) Displaying His subservience to the Father and
2) Acting as the man Christ Jesus.
2. At the raising of Lazarus: Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid. And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me. And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me. (John 11:41-42)
1) The audible testimony to His Sonship
3. At the Last Supper - He gave thanks for each element.
1) The bread - for the element, to be sure, but looking to what it symbolized as well
2) The wine - again, for the element and looking to the fact that His blood would be shed.
II. At the return of the seventy (vv. 17-20)
1. We consider the excitement of those returning having been sent with power.
2. What they had seen - the devils subject to them
3. What He had seen - Satan falling and the defeat that was to occur with him.
4. The real reason for them to be thankful - names written in heaven.
5. The effect on Jesus at this report is soon evident. HE REJOICED.
III. The praise and thanksgiving of Jesus (v. 21)
1. The word used here is not the same as that used in the other instances cited (the other is of gratitude); here the thought looks to acknowledgement that is openly and joyfully rendered; it is to celebrate and give praise. It is evident that more than mere appreciation is in view here.
2. We note both submission and acknowledgment of the Father.
3. The declaration of who the Father is - a declaration of sovereignty
4. That for which He praised and gave thanks:
1) Withheld from the wise, the self-sufficient, those thinking themselves wise, the presumptuous - knowing what they would do.
2) Rather, He was revealing it unto those who knew of their dependence on Him.
5. It was good in His sight:
1) We defer to the wisdom of God in any event and
2) We rejoice in the knowledge that all that He does is good and
3) That we are able in a measure to understand the why of this.
IV. The sovereignty of the Son as given Him by the Father: (vv. 22-24)
1. The Father alone knows the Son and
2. The Son the Father and
3. A matter of revelation
4. The blessedness of being able to see what they saw and we consider how much more is revealed even now.
5. The desire of the prophets and kings
6. It is a message of hope in this desolate age - we give thanks and praise as did our Lord.


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