13 NOVEMBER 2022



TEXT: Psalm 119:33-40
READING: Isaiah 54:1-17

SUBJ: Praying for establishment in the Lord’s way

AIM: To encourage such desire and prayer

1. This entire stanza is expressed as a prayer that the way of life in the Lord might be known and practiced.
2. We will note as we go through it that there are redundancies. But some things occur under overlapping themes.
3. From a personal perspective we are taught a method to satisfy the desire of every true believer to walk with Him in the way.

THESIS: The prayerful longing of a believer (or a seeker) for fellowship with Christ will come to true delight – see v. 35.

I. Teach me the way (vv. 33-35)

1. The need expressed for teaching reminds us that such is an ongoing need.
    1) There is so much to cloud issues and send us back for more instruction.
    2) We already know of fleshly ways – they seem to come without instruction.
    3) Perseverance is a gracious gift. We know that it must be until the end.
2. Give me understanding. The more we understand the greater our determination to keep
    1) We dare not trust human understanding
    2) Proverbs 28:26 He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered. We     would be wholehearted in these things.
3. Make me to go in the path of the commandments.
    1) We are to know the particulars and that there is need to act
    2) Weakness must be overcome.

II. Establish me in the way (vv. 36-38)

1. Incline my heart to thy testimonies – not to the natural way. v. 36
    1) Consider the many who succumbed to the wrong inclination – Achan, et al
    2) Note that we will to act within the confines of our nature.
2. Turn away mine eyes from beholding the things of the world – desires the safest way.
    1) There is danger in living on the fringes.
    2) The old man is vigilant in seeking opportunity.
3. Stablish thy word to thy servant
    1) The fact that he calls himself a servant implies that he is devoted.
    2) But he would be even better qualified to be the devoted servant.

III. Protect me in the way (vv. 39-40)

1. Consider that there is a reproach that honors Christ.
2. The plea here is to be delivered from those things that would make me a reproach to the cause of Christ.
3. There is no appeal from His judgments as to what is acceptable.
4. The longing of the believer is for the knowledge of His precepts – we would be made alive in the pursuit of those things.

IV. The implications to the unbeliever as to what is their desire and how do they hope to attain to them.


We hope you have enjoyed the message. Please tune in each week as Pastor Seacrist brings forth sound biblical teachings.

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