30 OCTOBER 2022



TEXT: Lamentations 1:12ff
READING: Psalm 25:1-22

SUBJ: The lamentation of Jeremiah, the terrible effect of sin seen on Christ, and the indifference of the world to the worst of devastation.

AIM: That we might understand the exceeding sinfulness of sin and the greatness of mercy.

INTR: This agonizing lamentation of Jeremiah here could easily escape our notice if it were not that a greater judgment was executed on the person of Christ in our stead.

1. The importance of the negative things in scripture is seen in the greatness of God’s mercy.
2. Men tend to minimize and/or rationalize in things concerning themselves.
3. However, when it becomes intensely personal the reaction changes, and personal concern takes on a different character.

THESIS: There should be great lamentation as we take notice that the world is indifferent to every thought of judgment, and they refuse to see the sacrifice of Jesus as our judgment. We cannot properly assess our own situation until we see it on Christ.

I. These words – Jeremiah? Jerusalem? The Old Testament saints?

1. All of these seeing the effects of judgment. We would endeavor to enter the thoughts and experience of Jeremiah as he sees his life and purpose forever changed. He had prophesied that these things would take place, but there was more to this in that he saw the Temples as the dwelling place of the Jehovah.
2. Consider the tendencies to exaggerate about ourselves and what we base our comparisons on.
3. The basis for comparison as far as the prophet was concerned. How does his comparison “compare” to our own.
4. Analyze the adage: “misery loves company.”

II. Applied to Christ

1. No exaggeration here – consider the effects of the cross upon Him! (What could be seen and what is not seen).
2. Consider at the cross those that passed by and the two thieves.
3. Consider the attitude of the many and the lack of understanding as to why and how great the suffering of Christ. – This world passes by relatively unaffected. – to them it is “nothing”
    1) Indifference to it all
    2) Sympathy but not identity
    3) formality – easy believe-ism
    4) passing by on the way to the way of the world
4. What we see (my substitute for my sin) and what we can’t see (“My God, My God...”)
5. The darkness at the cross indicates the greater darkness that came upon the soul of our savior.
6. The world continues to pass by and to mock rather than to see the substance.

III. In our stead

1. Consider in reference to sin: (Rom 7:13 KJV) Was then that which is good made death unto me? God forbid. But sin, that it might appear sin, working death in me by that which is good; that sin by the commandment might become exceeding sinful.
2. The exceeding sinfulness of sin – and compare sinfulness and sin.
3. We must measure the effect of sin in us by where judgment had to fall on Him – Ye that pass by – can you see the devastation of the one who knew no sin.
4. What people cannot know by looking at us nor can we know of them.
5. But we sorrow not as them that have no hope. Who has the greater rejoicing if not he that has received the most. Rejoice with me.


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