12 JUNE 2022



TEXT: Acts 20:17-32
READING: Luke 24:36-53

SUBJ: Repentance and faith elevated to their proper position in the believing experience.

AIM: That we might be reminded of such a testimony in our lives and that we might press this necessity on others.

INTR: This touching story brings to bear some essential issues in our experience and our dealing with others.

1. The last part of Paul’s third missionary journey took him past Ephesus and he stopped at Miletus.
2. Consider that Paul knew that this would be his last time to speak to these men. And then consider that what he said, he considered as most important.
3. One of the greatest errors of our age is to dilute essential elements of the Gospel to the degree that believers lose a sense of their importance and thus do not testify of such. At issue here is repentance and faith.

THESIS: The story of Christ Jesus our Lord is one of mercy and truth being met together. It is one of holiness and mercy. It is through Christ that men are brought to salvation, and this does not occur except there be repentance and faith and it is to be urged upon all.

I. What is the essence of evangelical preaching? (vv. 20, 21)

1. It is to testify – Albert Barnes suggested that it is both giving evidence and urging with great earnestness. Therefore, we especially apply this to repentance and faith.
2. Repentance and faith are in us as a result of grace, not works – they come to us as the evidences of salvation.
3. Repentance is not a legal response but is rather heart direction toward God.
    1) With a hope in the heart, else why come to God – it is evangelical.
    2) Consider that repentance is at the heart of the ministry of Christ our Lord. See Mark 1:15 And saying, The time is     fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel. AND Luke 24:47 And that repentance     and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.
    3) It is with reference to a realization of the awfulness of sinfulness and sin:
        i. From John Gill: It shows itself in “in a godly sorrow for it, as it is committed against a God of infinite purity and         holiness, and of love, grace, and mercy; and it shows itself in shame for sin,”
        ii. It moves from a state of endless separation from God with a desire for acceptance.
        iii. It acknowledges a hope in mercy alone.
        iv. It is in response to the commandment: Acts 17:30 And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now         commandeth all men every where to repent:
4. Faith is addressed toward our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    1) He who testifies (preacher or otherwise) must show the evidence that Jesus Christ is his Lord. We testify not of facts     but what we experience.
    2) From John Gill again: faith “is a spiritual act of the soul upon him (Christ); it is a looking and going out to him, a     laying hold and leaning on him, and trusting in him, for grace, righteousness, peace, pardon, life, and salvation.”
    3) Sin, by repentance must be abandoned and forsaken, and Christ, must, by faith be relied on for the forgiveness of     sin. – copied

II. Why is it mandated? (v. 28 & s.a. vv. 29-30)

1. Consider that the “whole counsel of God” (v. 27) is the story and the reason of redemption.
2. It is necessary to guard the flock of God.
3. It clearly has redemption in view in that we are to feed the purchased possession.
4. And consider the implications to all who know the Lord.

III. How is it accomplished (the testifying of repentance and faith)? (vv. 31-32)

1. Paul commended them to God
    1) He had no illusions about his own ability,
    2) But rather directs them to look to God’s grace and mercy.
2. And he commended them to “the Word of His Grace.”
    1) Variously referred to as “the Word of faith,” “the Word of Truth,” “the Word of righteousness,” “the Word of     reconciliation” and “the Word of Salvation.”
    2) And see verse 24 of the text.
3. The results are:
    1) being built up and
    2) giving you and inheritance among the sanctified.


We hope you have enjoyed the message. Please tune in each week as Pastor Seacrist brings forth sound biblical teachings.

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