2 APRIL 2023



TEXT: Mark 14:12-25
READING: Exodus 12:18-32

SUBJ: The provision that special attention should be drawn to this Passover and the profound revelation of betrayal that should come from within the group.

AIM: That we might be suitably impressed with the manifestation of providence indicating the absolute necessity that these things be done in this way.

INTR: We note that of the sixteen chapters in Mark, thirteen of them deal with three and one half of our Lord’s ministry and three chapters deal with the last few days.

1. The pattern is similar in all four Gospels but with some differences. Some find difficulty harmonizing between the synoptic writers and the account of John. We will follow Mark at this point and leave that to the scholars for now. (Was the supper in John 13 the same as is described in Mark and the others?)
2. Every detail at this point seems to stand out and we learn from both the words and actions of our Lord, but from the response of the Apostles as well.
3. We especially note the element of self-examination at being told that a traitor was in the midst.

THESIS: There is nothing in scripture that captures the interest of true believers as the crucifixion of Christ, and it is well that it should ever be studied with all the details concerning it. By it our salvation was purchased and secured.

I. The providential provisions for the supper (vv. 12-16)

1. It is well that we note the attentiveness of the Apostles to the details of our Lord’s needs. (The Lamb had to be killed at the Temple, a place secured and the meal prepared)
    1) Passover and the Day of Atonement perhaps have the most Gospel significance of all the types and shadows.
    2) The traditional importance of this time was ingrained in their lives.
    3) Now they would come to fully realize that the lamb was the focal point of it all.
    4) And they would surely connect the words of John the Baptist to the cross!
2. They were His servants preparing His Passover and witnessing divine intervention.
    1) Peter and John were sent to find a man carrying water (this would stand out because it was usually a female task or     that of a servant).
    2) It was mandatory that available rooms be prepared for guests at Passover.
    3) But this was the guest chamber especially prepared for the Lord.
    4) The servant simply complied without question as did the owners of the ass colt He rode into Jerusalem and the colt     itself.
3. This was the room where the wonderful discourses of John took place and final preparations of the hearts of the disciples – and it was the place of a sad but necessary note.

II. The revelation at the supper (vv. 17-20)

1. We can only wonder and speculate at the conversation and its tone at the supper.
    1) Reflection on the meaning of Passover
    2) Remembering to where they had come.
    3) Luke tells us that at some point there was strife again over who would be greatest in the Kingdom.
    4) Christ had declared this to be a special time before He suffered!
2. But then came the revelation – He declares that one of them would betray Him.
    1) No doubt great astonishment followed that such a thing could be – they expected the opposition from without.
    2) But this was the Lord who spoke these words and so the questions (BNTC)
        i. Wholesome self-distrust – “is it I?”
        ii. Of loathsome hypocrisy – Then Judas, which betrayed him, answered and said, Master, is it I? He said unto him,         Thou hast said. Matthew 26:25 (The others used the term Lord; Judas called Him Rabbi)
        iii. Of childlike confidence – He then lying on Jesus' breast saith unto him, Lord, who is it? John 13:25
    3) Possibly the question was not answered then since all had dipped with Him in the sop.

III. The terrifying proclamation (v. 21)

1. The Son of Man will continue as it is written of Him.
    1) All was exactly as it should be,
    2) And would continue.
2. The extreme fate of Judas
    1) Both in this life and
    2) In Hell (The intensity in hell is measured by the greatness of the bliss to be known in heaven).
    3) And all that have held in contempt the person and work of Christ our Lord are in a similar state!

IV. The New Testament (vv. 22-25)

1. His body
2. His blood
3. The expectation


We hope you have enjoyed the message. Please tune in each week as Pastor Seacrist brings forth sound biblical teachings.

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