3 JANUARY 2021



TEXT: GENESIS 45: 1-13

 SUBJ: The revelation of Joseph to his brothers and the manifestation of true forgiveness in Joseph and the workings of divine providence in placing Joseph in Egypt.
AIM: That we might observe the ordeal of Joseph and the result of grace ordered in his heart and endeavor to act in a like manner.
INTR: We have witnessed the fulfilling of the visions of Joseph both concerning his brothers and with Pharaoh as having the overreaching purpose of redemption to be realized ultimately in Christ.
1. The story here is fascinating to say the least and makes for a wonderful story on any level of consideration. We must be reminded that all these things happened and are preserved for the purpose of increasing our faith.
2. In our last study, chapter 42 we see the testing of the brethren that the love Joseph had for them would be vindicated. They had been brought to a state of repentance over their treachery with Joseph and would be further tested.
3. They had been forced to leave Simeon in Egypt and would now face the task of gaining the trust of Jacob and Benjamin.
THESIS: It is to be remembered that even these stories are looking toward the coming of Christ with pictures of forgiveness along the way and Joseph is a means to this end wherein God preserves His people and the Christ line in them.
I. The preceding narrative (chapters 43)
1. The famine continued and Simeon remained in Egypt
2. The realization that something had to be done and for that to occur Jacob had to be convinced to allow Benjamin to go with them.
3. It is at this point that Judah emerges as the leader in the family
1) Reuben had offered his sons in trying to persuade Jacob,
2) But Judah offered himself and
4. Jacob now comes to look to the mercy of God Almighty (43:14)
5. Joseph continued to exercise restraint in the matter even when he saw Benjamin
6. They were amazed that when they were seated for the meal that they were placed in order of their ages.
7. And so, Joseph celebrated with them.
II. The further testing (chapter 44)
1. The commandment went out to fill their sacks with as much as they could carry and to put their money in their sacks.
2. The final test of the ten would come when Joseph gave instruction to put his silver cup in Benjamins sack.
3. A set up, of course, with the intent to draw them into an impossible situation – they are brought back to Joseph.
4. It is here that Judah pleads for his father Jacob and the preservation of the family and further emerges as the genuine leader – Christ came through the line of Judah.
5. The testing was complete in that their remorse was complete and the stage was set to hear the work that had been done and the grace of forgiveness to be witnessed in Joseph.
III. Joseph reveals his identity and his intent (Genesis 45.1ff)
1. It is evident that Joseph’s intent was restoration and forgiveness all along and it is fully expressed in his reaction to his brothers.
2. First, we would consider the realization to the brothers who had been speaking freely in Joseph’s hearing and now realized there had been no secrets.
3. His theology was revealed as well:
1) God had been in control and
2) Joseph perceived that he had been sent to preserve their lives.
3) Certainly, this is a picture of the redeeming work of Christ exemplified in Joseph.
4. Joseph rehearsed with them all that had moved in the events of the past several years and had placed him in the position to accomplish much.
5. He manifested genuine affection for them all and especially for Benjamin
6. And so, the plans were laid that would bring the whole family to Egypt where God would make of them a great nation.
7. Provision would be made for the best of Egypt to be provided for them.


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