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Pastor Brant Seacrist

JULY 12, 2020


TEXT: GENESIS 15: 7-21
READING: PSALM 108: 1-13

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SUBJ: The promise given to Abram that his seed would inherit the Land and the strangely powerful manner in which it was confirmed to him.

AIM: That we might see Christ herein and the ordeal of the cross wherein salvation was secured unto all believers for all time.

INTR: The declaration of the Lord to Abram in the first verse should be enough reassurance for any and all; yet Abram would press for additional confirmation and we shall see that he received in a way not of his imagining.
1. Despite all that we know or see of God we often falter in believing Him for the moment and give way to the need of additional assurances.
2. Abram had his weaknesses, and this was just such a time.
3. We will see this weakness manifested and the powerful response from God that would impress him with that desire to seek a city whose builder and maker is God.

THESIS: In being privileged to see such events as this we are brought to see the depth and extent of the promises of God and are ultimately shown the cross of Christ and made to realize that all promises are confirmed in Him alone.

I. Abram’s question (vv. 7-8)
1. Often, we see characters in the Bible and forget that they were/are just like us and simply have the distinction of appearing in the inspired Word of God.
2. Abram had followed and obeyed God to this point and it had already been said that “he believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness.” So, why this question.
3. Other Godly men have asked for signs to confirm visibly or experientially some promise.
4. Perhaps, this needed to be added to the experience of Abram so that he could give further detail and confirmation to his offspring.
5. It may have been a further confirmation that the promised son was to come and that his interest was real – he wanted to rest on it.

II. Abram’s task or preparation to be answered (vv. 9-11)
1. This presents a different view than that which we typically see but sacrifice and Christ are brought into the picture.
2. We have no explanation as to the choice of the animals and the birds and leave that to the secrets of God.
1) Many have suggested types and shadows here beyond the obvious meaning of sacrifice
2) Many have speculated as to the number three (the length of the Lord’s ministry, the Trinity, the maturity of the animals, etc.).
3. The way they were displayed suggests that symmetry was in view and that the pieces lay as a reflection.
4. Abram was again obedient and unquestioning as the Lord God was being shown in power. And he was careful to protect that which God had caused him to display.

III. Abram’s question answered (vv. 12-17)
1. Abram was placed in a deep sleep as the sun was going down.
1) A horror of great darkness – we pause to note the depth of what he was undergoing and try to imagine being left in the darkness of our own helplessness and sin.
2) We are also transported to Calvary and that which descended upon that scene – hidden from men with Christ fully engulfed.
2. The things that were going to happen:
1) 400 years determined upon his seed
2) They would be enslaved
3) And afflicted for four generations
4) Judgment would come upon Egypt
3. Abram would live a life of relative peace and would see the promised see and his sons.
4. The iniquity of the Amorites! The Land was taken from them because of wickedness.
5. The Lord Himself confirmed the covenant by passing between the pieces – The smoking furnace indicating the powerful and horrible oppression and the burning lamp indicating the Lord’s presence in seeing them through to deliverance.
6. We are again reminded of the ordeal of our Savior on the cross as He endured that journey through the required judgment for our sins.

IV. Abram’s Land (vv. 18 -21)
1. The physical land is now both defined and promised to the seed of Abraham. V. 18
2. The extent of the land was given and the peoples occupying the land were named.