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Pastor Brant Seacrist

JUNE 21, 2020



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SUBJ: The call of Abraham and the faith with which he responded and the promise of Christ that was there from the beginning.

AIM: That we might realize the fulfilling of all promises in the person of Christ and with that comfort proceed to walk by faith in all our ways.

INTR: Despite lapses in his faith, Abraham is still is designated as the Father of the Faithful in that we witness in his example, as in that of Noah, obedience anchored in faith.
1. These divine promises made to Abram, later Abraham, while having an immediate fulfilment all pointed to Christ as the ultimate focus.
2. It is not unusual for people to move to new locations, start a new life, having some assurance of prosperity in doing so. Abram was only told what the Lord was going to do and acted on that faith, not sight.
3. We will look to the Call, the compliance and confirmation, and the commitment of Abram to continue in the way of worship, all born out of God-given faith.

THESIS: The faith of Abraham continues to be a model to believers to this day, and we do well to look to pleasing God thereby in all we do.

I. The Call of Abram (vv. 1-3)
1. We have followed the genealogy of Shem since departing the Ark and noted them as the preserver of the line of faith and ultimately ending in Christ Jesus according to the flesh.
2. It is evident that something of that faith remained in the particular line that led to Abraham and the fulfilling of the purpose of God in him. Thus, we note:
1) Terah was of the tenth generation from Shem. His sons of note were Abram, Nahor, and Haran (consider reading from chapter 11)
2) Haran died in Ur and Abram took charge of Lot.
3) While it is said that Terah took the family out, it is clear that the call had already been issued to Abram – It may be that a simple matter of family headship was retained.
4) They went as far as Haran where Terah died at the age of 205.
3. There was not deal made with Abram, and the promise would have to do with his offspring – faith was needed and provided, and obedience was the result.
4. The essence of the promise to Abram was:
1) It would be of Abram (of thee or from out of thee will I bless)
2) There was a direct promise of blessing given to Abram with the implication that it would apply to his progeny. Abram would be a blessing
3) Full identification in that any blessing him would be acknowledging God and cursing would be the same.
4) We are reminded of the words of our Lord in that “inasmuch as you have done it to me…”

II. The Compliance and Confirmation (vv. 4-7)
1. At the age of seventy-five Abram, without equivocation, departed, not knowing where he went.
1) It was with quite an entourage that he traveled – his wife and nephew Lot and
2) Many other souls were included who were attached to the family as workers or servants but were clearly identified as souls.
2. They went and they came into Canaan as if to say the objective was met and the objective would receive them – it was the Lord’s doing
3. The Canaanite was in the land – a people known for idolatry, wickedness and danger and the Lord would have to provide.
4. The confirmation to Abram came with the appearance of the Lord – another Theophany?
1) An altar was built and there was worship and acknowledgment that salvation was of the Lord,
2) The Gospel was affirmed

III. The Commitment of faith (vv. 8-9)
1. The company had travelled three to four hundred miles from Haran and had confirmation given them there.
2. He continued deeper into the land and there he pitched his tent – he was staying! Have you pitched your tent in the land of promise?
1) Another altar was built – sacrifice was never far from view.
2) He continued in the line of faith of Abel and of Noah and is so noted in the eleventh of Hebrews.
3. Being further led of the Lord, he journeyed even further to the south – the way of the sojourner, every moving in pursuit of the will of the Lord as it is in Christ Jesus.