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Pastor Brant Seacrist

JUNE 14, 2020


TEXT: GENESIS 11: 1-10
READING: PSALM 50:  1-23

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SUBJ: The confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel as an act of God to stop rebellion against His will and purpose and as an act of mercy in preventing consequence that was sure to come.

AIM: That we might both learn and delight in the divine order of things in the present world and live with a view to the world to come where the language of praise is universal.

INTR: The divine observation of the imagination of man's heart was soon in evidence and the building of the tower was a prime example of it.
1. It is to be noted that several years would have passed since the end of the flood and men had begun something of a migration in accordance the decree to replenish the earth and to be fruitful.
2. But man being man began to plan for defenses, functionality, and to exhibit pride and so we will note the language that applied then and now.
3. It seems that there was something of a line of faith in the descendants of Shem, but the line of the others looked to themselves and proceeded to abuse the convenience of a common language.

THESIS: Man, in his fallen estate has always moved to oppose the revealed will of God. This is a prime example of that which continues to this day that men will move to exalt themselves above God. Only the grace of God, and His quickening power can bring them to surrender to Him and to love the preeminence of Christ our Lord.

I. Rebellion (vv. 1-4)
1. There are many theories as to the intent of the builders all of which may have some element of truth - one is probably not the idea they were trying to reach Heaven.
2. They, no doubt, knew of the mandate given to Noah to spread through the earth and build it up.
1) It would seem that they were resisting the idea of being separated and chose rather to unite and anchor themselves in a central location.
2) There actions indicated no regard to the things of God or respect for His will or His wisdom.
3. Thus, they labored to either fortify or to centralize their location and
1) They were resourceful and determined to build permanently and were looking to generations to come
2) Having a common language, they could have spread and maintained unity.
4. Pride was evidently an element:
1) The size of the thing was an issue and
2) They wanted to make a name for themselves
5. We cannot help but notice that men have pursued similar goals in differing ways to establish a permanent place in the earth and to preserve their names unto posterity. “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. "Henley" - sums up the self-determinant manner and attitude of men.
6. The choice is to be united against God rather than be united in God.

II. Resolution (vv. 5-8)
1. This is an interesting depiction of the Lord's interest in the ongoing of His creation.
1) It is certainly not that He did not know or that He was even surprised.
2) Rather it was that He would have it known that this is His creation and the details of the imagination of man's heart is well known to Him.
3) So, He came to see the city and the tower they had built - Theophany?
2. Not only did He know what they would do; He knew why they were doing it and what the outcome would be.
1) In that their intents had designs against God it would expand to further and further expansions of evil designs and actions.
2) There would have been terrible urban sprawl and the compounding of evil even as we see it today.
3) Their imaginations were already hard at work!
3. "Let Us go down ..." Another manifestation of the Godhead is given us, and they would move to prevent this manner of destruction.
1) This is merciful in many ways and
2) May have been for the protection of the Godly line of Shem.
3) The confusion was such that they could go no further in their intentions and they scattered!

III. The Result (vv. 9-10)
1. The very name Babel means confusion.
2. Thus, the Lord did scatter them upon the face of all the earth.
3. Verse 10 picks up the generations of Shem from which Abraham will come.
4. As we look about the diversity of cultures and the fact that they remain separated is in evidence even today.
5. But there is a place of unity:
1) First, consider the original function of a universal language.
2) Then remember what we know of what took place at Pentecost and
3) Then to remember that our identity is with every "...kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation..." and that by the blood of Christ Jesus our Lord.
4) So, on multiple occasions the Apostles and we are to go to the same - into all the world!