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Pastor Brant Seacrist

JUNE 7, 2020


READING: PSALM 36:  1-12

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SUBJ: The covenant with Noah as an example of gracious covenants in which God is the exclusive provider of all conditions and the rainbow as a token of the promise.

AIM: That we look to Christ as the ultimate answer to all that God has determined upon us and the assurance of it given us by faith.

INTR: The flood narrative continues into this chapter and culminates in the covenant and the assurances given in it. Remember that a lot of time is being covered in few words.
1. Much is restored and restarted that was before, but some changes had occurred.
2. Before the chapter ends the observation of human depravity is seen in both Noah and Ham his son.
3. We will look to the continued narrative, then to the nature of the covenant and apply it the pattern to other covenants, and then to consider what we see in the token of it.

THESIS: This is not the covenant of grace and it not a covenant of salvation, but it certainly point to both the necessity of and the provision of grace through our Lord Jesus Christ.

I. The Narrative continued (vv. 1-7)
1. We begin with a mandate to fill up the earth given to Noah and his sons as it was first given to Adam.
1) It would seem that what greeted them on exiting the Ark was intimidating and
2) Things would have a different appearance (consider the atmosphere before and after and be reminded that seasons were mentioned).
2. Dominion over creation and the animals continued with some changes.
1) There was now a fear of man in the animals which may have been docile submission before.
2) Flesh was now given as food and
3) Perhaps because of fear, the animals would be dangerous in many cases.
3. A serious offense would be eating of blood (many theories here about the blood and the life of the body).
4. The issue of murder is herein addressed and the appropriate reaction to it is sanctioned (v. 6a)
5. And the image of God, and the sanctity of life is to be recognized.
6. Again, they were to fill up the earth; they were not to destroy life.

II. The Covenant (vv. 8-11)
1. As is the nature of all gracious covenants, God is the doer in this one and it is without recourse to men.
1) Nothing is required of Noah (I establish; I will establish)
2) Pointing to what would later be prophesied in Jeremiah and Ezekiel and echoed in Hebrews.
2. This is about the divine determination for creation and the continuation of mankind and looking on to New Heavens and New Earth.
3. While this is gracious and points to even greater manifestations, Christ would ultimately meet the conditions expected and demanded.
4. This covenant remains in effect to this day – we think of the effect of rains on Noah and us.
5. The eternal covenant made in eternity within the Godhead is worked out in the process of several covenant expressions of grace and mercy – God could have justifiably destroyed all men including Noah.
6. Christ is in view in the Ark, in the redemption of Noah and His family and the assurance of a continuing race.

III. The Token (vv. 12-17)
1. There is a question as to whether there had even been a rainbow before.
1) Some say yet and that this was just a matter of designating it as a token
2) Others (me included) think it came into being after the flood and was of great significance.
2. As often as the rainbow appears, the promises of God are remembered by
1) God declared that He would look from above and
2) Men see it from below.
3) It needs the rain, the sun and a cloud to appear and that speaks volumes to us.
3. We have an even greater token in the person of Christ our risen Lord:
1) God-given faith always points to Christ and
2) We are reminded of judgment deserved by us and endured on the cross by Him.
3) The flood that should have consumed us for all eternity will never come over those who are secured in Him – the flood came over His soul and not ours.
4. The Father sees Him and what He has accomplished and is satisfied and we see Him and are assured of our place in Heaven with Him.