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Pastor Brant Seacrist

MAY 24, 2020



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SUBJ: The righteousness of Noah as seen by the Lord and his faith and obedience in believing the Lord and proceeding to build the Ark and preach the righteousness of God.

AIM: That we might find that same grace wherein we are enabled to hear the Word of the Lord and to walk with Him as did Noah.

INTR: We may easily compare the conditions of our age with that of Noah and faithful men have borne witness to the Gospel that Noah saw in the promise of God and the impending judgment that it sure to come.
1. Biblical history is of great importance in that the record of redemption is clearly seen along with the things it promises to all generations.
2. Noah displayed the same kind of faith that has always been required for pleasing God and so we bring the issues of old to bear in our generation and that especially as we see glaring similarities.
3. We will look to the directives given to Noah in this chapter and beyond to some things about the entrance into the Ark as are seen in chapter 7 – Observation, Determination, Salvation.

THESIS: We never question the fact that salvation is by grace alone and through the shed blood of Christ our Lord. Essential in the salvation process is faith and obedience to the Lord as the reality of sin and its hatefulness to God are witnessed.

I. The Divine Observation (vv. 9-12)
1. A short but profound statement concerning Noah and his relationship with the Lord:
1) A just man – only one way for that: it results in being witnessed in a life that answers to it.
2) Perfection in his generations: others could see it in his demeanor.
3) Noah walked with God!
4) See 7:1. He was seen as righteous by the Lord.
2. The implication is that his sons were men of faith as well.
3. He stood out in stark contrast to the universal corruption and violence that prevailed in the world even as it does now.
4. The assessment: They had corrupted His way – the way of holiness:
1) Sin is sin in all, but we are distinguished by our reaction to it.
2) And, above all, is contrary to the righteousness and will of God.

II. The Divine Determination (vv. 13-17)
1. The Lord confided to Noah, who would in turn preach it to others. The end of all flesh was before Him and He would bring it all to an end: we preach the same today.
1) The Lord sees far beyond the surface – this is more than just knowing about it.
2) They had filled the earth with their wickedness and violence
3) He then would destroy them and the earth with them.
2. The directive to Noah: you build an Ark, as per my plans and specifications:
1) Of strong wood
2) Rooms within to accommodate all
3) Pitch it within and without – the atonement.
3. From a Spurgeon sermon: One way of salvation, Sufficient for all that would come, completely secured, One door, and one source of light.
4. A universal flood is coming even as we now repeat: “judgment is coming all will be there” – there is no other way.

III. The Word of Salvation (vv. 18-22)
1. The Lord’s covenant to be established with Noah – He was going to save the world and Noah would be brought through as the head. Through Noah the salvation of the Lord would be seen.
2. The Ark would emerge and much about it speaks to us of Christ:
1) The redeemed rode over the waters of judgment and were not consumed even as we in Christ endured the judgment of God!
2) Noah and his family would come into the Ark
3) They would take of every living thing into the Ark with them in the prescribed manner
4) Food for all would be taken
3. Noah complied in every way – he obeyed the Lord to the saving of the world (He saved the world but not all in the world!).
4. Consider what follows in Genesis 7:1-16