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Pastor Brant Seacrist

MARCH 8, 2019

TEXT: GENESIS 4: 17-26 (Especially vv. 25-26)
READING: PSALM 116: 1-19

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SUBJ: The setting in motion of creation after the fall with human society seen in the progeny of Cain and of Seth and the line of faith.

AIM: That we might be reminded of the lingering effects of the fall and marvel at the provision of Christ and the restoration of creation.

INTR: It is difficult to keep things together is studying these early times in that much time goes by and there is a going back and forth in time – long periods are covered in few words.
1. Chronology is not the issue here. It rather to the birth of Seth that our attention is called.
2. The effects of the fall briefly covered are lasting and significant and we still know that after thousands of years.
3. We will note a few things about the pre-flood societies that developed but will focus on the hope that is expressed at the birth of Seth and Enos.

THESIS: The hope of the world has always been in the promised seed of the woman and the man from the Lord has always been Christ Jesus our Lord.

I. Cain and his offspring (vv. 17-24)
1. A review of the fall:
1) The temptation and fall of Eve and the subsequent failure of Adam to obey the Lord – and we note the likeness to all sin. (1 John 2:16).
2) The effect was immediate – they were conscious of sin, afraid of the Lord, and willfully separated themselves from Him.
3) Although physical death was not imminent, spiritual death was already evident.
2. The interview that followed
1) The questioning went from Adam to Eve and then to the serpent.
2) The curse began with the serpent and contained the promise to men in the seed of the woman.
3) The woman was cursed with sorrow in childbirth and Adam was cursed to labor for that which had earlier been provided.
4) Expulsion from the Garden.
3. Bringing us to the birth of Cain and Abel and
1) Eve’ expectation for Cain
2) The rejection of Cain
3) The murder and sin coming to full blown manifestation.
4. And thus, to Cain and his progeny
1) The curse on Cain
2) Cities developed and
3) An ungodly line established. Perhaps seen later in chapter 6.
4) Again, we note time passing and several generations with extreme wickedness in Lamech.

II. The birth of Seth (v. 25)
1. Cain had been rejected and Abel was dead
2. It was 130 years before the birth of Seth and the declaration of Eve again with the expectation of a redeemer – faith seemed to prevail with her as she called him appointed.
1) It is interesting that she acknowledged that Abel was the logical one and was killed
2) She took the promise literally and understood something of hope in the Lord.

III. Men calling on the Name of the Lord (v. 26)
1. It was another 105 years before Enos was born.
1) The name seems to indicate weakness and frailty and might cause us to wonder at him
2) Yet, it may have well been and acknowledgment of the weakness that prevails among men and have indicated what followed.
2. While the lineage is understood as pointing to Christ, the practice of faith and obedience may not have been evident.
3. The fact that men here began to call on the Name of the Lord is most significant in that more than bloodline is indicated.
1) They called on the Lord and it may even be indicated that they
2) Called themselves by the name of the Lord.
4. We may assume the proliferation of families in the earth and the indications are that they may have been calling on the Lord together in organized assemblies.
5. Where there is a love of the Lord in view men will congregate to share their faith and worship.