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Pastor Brant Seacrist

FEBRUARY 23, 2019

TEXT:  GENESIS 3: 1-24
READING: PSALM 10:  1-18

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SUBJ: The fall of Adam and Eve by violating the covenant of the Lord God with them and the subsequent curse and death that fell upon them.

AIM: That we might be reminded of where we stand in this present world and why the necessity of redeeming grace and mercy.

INTR: The fact and even the details of the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden is known by many and all who truly believe in that mercy discovers them dead in trespasses and sins.
1. Even here the tendency is to visualize the idyllic setting and fail to see the devastating impact of the fall of Adam.
2. We do well to examine ourselves and this present world and think of that from which we have fallen and from which we have been redeemed.
3. We will look at the events of the fall, the challenge of the Lord to bring the fallen ones face to face with their sin, and the curse and its effects on them.

THESIS: In the fall of man the whole race was plunged into ruin and salvation has required that another be plunged into the depths of ruin and punished in order for redemption to occur.

I. And Death Passed on All (vv. 1-7)
1. The appearance of Satan is somewhat mysterious, however the fact of his fall from heaven declared by the Lord Himself – I suspect it was jealousy over the placement of Adam in the Garden.
2. The question. It is his way to cast doubt and thereby to challenge the authority of God – he will lie, he will deceive and is called the father of lies.
3. The response of the woman in verse three was to add to the word of God but she certainly knew of the commandment and the consequence.
4. The lie in verse 4
5. She aspired to personal satisfaction beyond the absolute pleasure she already knew in fellowship with the Lord.
6. Eve was deceived; Adam knew what he was doing.
7. The immediate effect.

II. The fact they faced was that all was lost (vv. 8-13)
1. The voice of the Lord –A Theophany?
1) They hid themselves
2) They were afraid
2. The challenge to Adam (vv. 3-12)
1) Who told you that you were naked?
2) The damning question – Did you eat?
3) The buck passing begins.
3. The Challenge to Eve (v. 13)
4. The whole issue was summed up with “I did eat.”

III. The curse pronounced (vv. 14-19)
1. Satan first with the declaration of the Seed of the Woman to come
1) It is here that we find implied a covenant of grace in that this promise is made without addressing Adam and Eve or any requirement from them.
2) This one would stamp out the evil and the evil one
3) The Gospel is again declared in the face of death.
2. Sorrow would come to the woman and has passed on to all her descendants
3. The ground would no longer yield to Adam (vv. 17-19)
4. Man has ever since sought to escape the effects of the curse in every way

IV. A merciful banishment (vv. 20-24)
1. The coats of skins as the first blood sacrifice picturing what Christ would do.
2. In his fallen estate man would have returned to the Garden and partaken of the Tree of Life and lived forever in a fallen state.
3. We have witnessed progressive effects of sin and death – it all began here.