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Pastor Brant Seacrist

FEBRUARY 16, 2019

TEXT:  GENESIS 1:26 - 2:9
READING: PSALM 145:  1-21

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SUBJ: The creation of man and the fact that he became a living soul in the image of God and with the demand that obedience and accountability before God be observed.

AIM: That we might know of the sanctity of human life as it is made in the image of God and able to commune with Him.

INTR: The creation story is one that still arrests our attention and well it should in that it is most profound in that the determination of God to reveal Himself to men in the way of redemption is shown to be the aim.
1. We would again be reminded of the fact that of God’s uncreated existence and the fact that He brought this present universe out of nothing.
2. The days are light, the firmament, the dry land with vegetation, the sun and moon, fish and fowl, and then animal life.
3. The crowning of creation was the creation of man and that in the image of God in order that He might make revelation of Himself and His glory.

THESIS: While we think of the creation of man, it was the perfect man that was ever in view as one who could commune with God and behold His glory – this is ultimately realized in Christ Jesus as the firstborn among many brethren.

I. The creation of man (vv. 1:26-1:31)
1. Again, we come to the phrase “and God said.” This time it is let us and man is the object of creation.
2. The Kingdom of man is established, and dominion is given and the mandate that a proper exercise of that dominion be exercised.
3. Man was first created in a state of holiness derived from his creator but was placed under a covenant of works (the typical thought is of only the forbidden tree).
4. A gracious economy was established and the ordering of it was committed unto them (v. 28)
5. Both men and animals were to be herbivores (vv. 29-30)
6. The divine assessment given – it was very good!
7. The evening and the morning were the sixth day.

II. The seventh day (vv. 2:1-3)
1. The thought of rest with God id not separated from completion and perfection. He had declared it very good and now the work was ended.
1) Everything was in place for a harmonious place of union and communion with God
2) There would come another most significant declaration of completion – that was millennia away.
2. The sanctification of the seventh day would remain significant down through the centuries in that it both signified what God had perfected creation but would also after the fall point to the ultimate completion in Christ Jesus our Lord. He is our rest in that He has completed all for salvation.
3. Under the Old Covenant the Sabbath looked to a specific day – In Christ we look to the perfection that is in Him alone and we live forever more in that perfection of His work.
4. God was not tired – He was finished. Christ was entirely spent in the accomplishment of the final rest of salvation.
5. For us there is a practical side as well as a spiritual in that six days of labor and one day of rest is the ideal that God established, and He is the pattern for it.

III. The generations of the heavens and the earth (vv. 2:4-2:9)
1. The generations are simply the descent, or the order is which they came into being.
1) The idea of eons of time being needed for development is herein countered in that the Lord created the plants fully grown – the earth was not a prototype; it was the production model.
2) Otherwise there would have been needed the means of producing growth. That plants and their seeds were ready made.
3) The mist sustained them.
2. Now we see in v. 7 how The Lord God created man:
1) The formation was out of the dust of the ground
2) The conscious life was from the very breath of God – man became a living soul!
3) Thus, we understand the sanctity of human life and
4) And see then the danger of contempt for human life: Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. James 3:9.
3. That man is in the image of God and the devil knows it is seen in the fact that fallen man gravitated toward the worship of animals – God was to be manifest in the flesh as a man and this is the image He chose.
4. The Garden of Eden Planted as the place of perfection, harmony, and beauty. It would graciously yield unto the hand of man as he tended and cared for it. (See v. 9).
5. A single prohibition was issue (v. 17)
6. The creation of Eve from Adam’s rib followed, and the perfect order was established. (vv. 18-24)
1) Not good for him to be alone
2) Animals bought to Adam for naming – all had been formed out of the ground.
3) But Even would be formed out of Adam.
7. We are given an idea of things to come as we study and reflect on the first creation.