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Pastor Brant Seacrist

NOVEMBER 17, 2019


TEXT:  ACTS 13:  26-41

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SUBJ: Paul's preaching at Antioch in Pisidia and the fundamental Gospel precept that was conveyed there; first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles who joyously received it.

AIM: That we might remain anchored to the basic truth of forgiveness as essential and to be had only in Christ our Lord.

INTR: In thinking of the Acts of the Apostles our mind often goes first to Peter and the day of Pentecost and the powerful manifestation of the Spirit there. This brings us an equally important message as Paul is turned to the Gentiles.
1. The importance of this thirteenth chapter of Acts in that we are led into a beloved account of missionary endeavor initiated by the Holy Spirit and engaged in by Paul, Barnabas and others.
2. They travelled from Antioch to Cyprus and then to Perga from where they went inland north to Antioch. This account is deemed important so that detail is recorded here as was Pentecost.
3. The narrative follows the lines of much of the Gospel preaching to the Jews in that it recounts the history along with the failures of the Jews culminating in the rejection of the very One the prophets had promised whose voices they did not hear!!

THESIS: It is the most fundamental truth of the need of forgiveness and the provision of it in Jesus Christ our Lord that is hidden, perverted, disguised and opposed by the forces of evil struggling to prevent the simple faith of God's people. Thus it is to this we must and again and again lay hold on Christ.

I. The Message preached to all (vv. 26-39)
1. The term used by Paul here calling Jesus "this man" is used to define Him as the One who had been crucified by the Jews and whom God had raised from the dead.
2. He is none other than Jesus Christ our Lord, God manifest in the flesh, crucified, risen and coming again.
3. We must know that the resurrection is never separated from the Gospel in that it is the confirmation of sins being dealt with successfully in Christ. Note the comparison between David and Christ!!
4. In so stating that Jesus is the source of our forgiveness certain things are understood:
1) Forgiveness is a must in the needs of fallen man
2) It could not have come by any other means in that men do not have the ability to come and typically seek confirmation in their sins.
3) Forgiveness that includes justification must be obtained by another.
4) It is that which brings freedom from sin in every respect.
5) Forgiveness through "this man" brings reconciliation with God
5. It is the subject of preaching and of necessity is received with:
1) An understanding that one is a sinner and has offended God
2) That it is personal in that each stand as condemned before God.
3) It is the resurrection message of Romans 10 and other places pointing to faith in that fact.
6. So it is that justification is full and complete and includes sin in all its forms and substance both original and original.
7. This is how salvation is realized in Christ alone - it is through this man.

II. The warning issued (vv. 40-42)
1. The unbelieving Jews denied the prophesied Christ and thus became the fulfillment of a prophecy themselves. A powerful twofold message - "You will not come to me that you might have life..."
2. As it was with the furnishing of the Wedding Supper with guests, so it is with the Gospel – it will be believed, and the Lord will respond to the faith of those who come.
3. The bringing of dead sinners to life is the mighty work prophesied in v. 41 and it was happening in their day and ours and men see the evidence and still do not believe and it is He who is working.
4. The assurance is that they will come, and we pray for the comers that they will.

III. God responded to the Jews and to us (vv. 43-52)
1. The desire of the Gentiles and the result seen in v. 48
2. See v. 46 and the conclusion reached in the rejectors
1) They put it from them
2) They judged themselves unworthy of everlasting life
3) The message would go to the Gentiles and to others who rejoiced at the news that forgiveness is to found.
3. Paul preached out of an undeniable burdened for lost sinners, the Jews denies because of their passion for their own pride, the broken and contrite repented and believed the Gospel and the discovery is that God had ordained. Each situation is real, and in each is found the cause whereby salvation is received or rejected. Our burden is that of Paul.