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Pastor Brant Seacrist

February 24, 2019


TEXT:  ROMANS 15: 22-33

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SUBJ: Paul’s immediate and future plans being shared with the Roman saints with the incorporation of Gospel purpose and effect in all.

AIM: That we might imitate the zeal of Paul in his ever-diligent pursuit of Gospel opportunity and especially follow his example of care for all both spiritually and physically.

INTR: Knowing that his way was fraught with danger Paul continued on the way while reaffirming his intent to see them and to enjoy profitable fellowship with them.
1. The cause of his delay to that point was the widespread ministry to date (see v. 19).
2. The desire was one of genuine affection and not merely another stop along the way. It was different in that their reputation was known and he fully expected to personally be uplifted in seeing them.
3. The nature of this epistle is that of both informing and confirming the faith in them and so serving to anchor them in truth. (He had heard some things).

THESIS: Paul’s example, as a Christian, shines brightly in the midst of his attending to his Apostolic office; may we learn therefrom. He would

I. Be brought on his way (vv. 22-24)
1. He had been hindered but not in the Gospel and they had long been in his plan – he was a debtor to them as well as to others (v. 1:13)
2. Having no more place – the whole area and beyond had been exposed to the Gospel and he was ready to move to other places (see v. 20).
3. Thus, we understand that he had a missionary yearning and would go to Spain (perhaps a place where the Gospel had no yet been taken. Rome would be on the way and
4. While they were his next objective after Jerusalem and would be looked to:
1) A matter of trust placed them fully in his sights as part and parcel.
2) To be brought on his way by them – praying, aiding, assisting, and c.
3) This was a missionary solicitation to them.

II. But first, a promise to keep (vv. 25-28)
1. The detour explained – To minister unto the poor saints in Jerusalem
1) Much persecution was occurring, and many were left in abject poverty as a result of the faith
2) The saints in Macedonia (Philippians) and of Achaia (Corinthians) had raised an offering for them and Paul promised to deliver it as a seal of their love and concern.
3) These had been partakers of the Gospel by way of Jerusalem and the Jewish brethren and so they, having benefited spiritually, would now see to their earthly (carnal) needs.
2. They had that same sense that Paul had of being “debtors.”
3. So was his intent when that was attended to that he would be on his way to see them on his way to Spain.
1) This was not to relegate them to a place of secondary importance – they were first
2) And, they were ever to be involved in all the Gospel aspects.

III. In the fulness of the blessing of the Gospel (vv. 29-33)
1. Certainly, it would be the basic Gospel message in that what he had reported was a display of blessed Gospel effect.
2. But he would urge them on in the matter of realizing first the truths declared in this letter, but the realization of it in his experience and theirs and that it might be perceived as the resulting blessedness.
1) It would be for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ and in
2) The love of the Spirit: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. Romans 5:5.
3. He sought their prayers for his deliverance (they were answered) in that an immediate danger was sensed and
4. That he would come
1) With joy
2) By the will of God
3) And be refreshed with them
5. His prayer for them was that the God of peace be with them:
1) The God who has brought peace by Jesus Christ our Lord
2) The God who is our peace in that
3) We would know and cultivate His presence in our lives – He is there and we should relish that presence.