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Pastor Brant Seacrist

August 26, 2018


TEXT: ROMANS 11: 1-10

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SUBJ: The fact that Israel had not been finally cast away but rather that some were saved, were being saved and would be saved in the future and that all according to election rather than mere national identity.

AIM: That we might realize that we have the same need and are the objects of grace and have no reason to exalt ourselves over the Israelites.

INTR: As has been previously noted, chapters 9-11 have much to say about Israel which is an interesting fact since the letter is written to a Gentile church. There were Jews at Rome.
1. Paul’s concern for his brethren did not attempt to excuse their hardness and rebellion in the rejection of Christ as their Messiah.
2. It is to be remembered that all the Apostles were Israelites and responsive to Christ and the Gospel showing that salvation is individual rather than national.
3. Neither does he deviate from the Gospel in any of this showing that salvation is in Christ alone who is the promise to Israel and all who believe.

THESIS: While Paul is manifesting his love for his people, he, at the same time, is declaring to the Romans and all others that the determining factor is the election of grace as it always has been and is the same to all.

I. Paul is living proof that Israel is not cast off (v. 1)
1. His pedigree is a matter of record and he does not hesitate to declare it as having descended from the Fathers to whom the promises were made.
2. While the prophets both warned of the consequence of rebellion and declared it all finished as a nation, Jesus came unto His own and was rejected as the final testimony that they were done in the sense of a nation.
3. There was abundant reason as to why they should be cut off as we note the general history and their tendency toward idolatry.
1) We note the institution of idolatry in the place of Temple worship under Jeroboam (even though he was confronted with the need to serve the Lord)
2) There continued a long line of idolatrous kings in the north until the Assyrian captivity.

II. Paul presents a most extreme proof of election (vv. 2-5)
1. The reference is made to Elijah and his flight from Jezebel in 1 Kings 19:9-18
1) Things were perhaps at the worst ever under the reign of Ahab and Jezebel
2) Elijah had known a great victory on Mount Carmel but cowers at the threats of Jezebel
i. It may seem shameful, but all will react that way in the absence of power from the Lord.
ii. It was needed for Elijah to be brought down as was Paul after his vision.
3) The flight took Elijah far out of reach of Jezebel to be challenged by the Lord
4) There came the wind, the earthquake and the fire and the Lord was in none but rather was in the still small voice.
5) Twice Elijah was asked “What doest thou here Elijah? And the answer was he same: See vv. 1 Kings 19:10, 14.
2. The Lord’s answer to him is most instructive “I have left me 7000 (Paul uses the term reserved) who have not bowed to Baal.
3. Paul makes the application to his time and we might do the same and recognize that it is all according the election of grace.

III. Grace without exception (vv. 6-10)
1. It is here that some stumble in that their concept of grace falls far short of what the scriptures declare it to be.
2. Some would make it to be no more than kindly intent by the Lord and some assistance along the way which in effect excludes grace in salvation leaving only good works.
3. Some would mingle grace an works producing a curious admixture where it becomes arbitrary and results in such things as God merely providing opportunity – Israel proved the fallacy of such thoughts as that.
4. Grace will accept no partners:
1) No ifs as to make the determinate counsel of God dependent on human action
2) No ands as if to add to it something that would make the final push or at least assist.
3) No buts as if to counter the plain statements of the Word of God with an alternative of some kind.
5. The plain truth is that Israel had failed for hundreds of years and were in a state of utter failure even then as are all men and all systems outside of Christ our Lord.
1) It was the election that obtained it
2) And the rest were left to their choice.
6. In verses 8-10, two Old Testament passages are quoted wherein it was prophesied they would be allowed to slumber and where their own prosperity would be a snare to them.
7. So would be the state of all Israel and all men if it were not for the intervention of grace producing in them the ability to see their sin, to see the sacrifice of Christ and to realize that there is hope in no other.