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Pastor Brant Seacrist

February 4, 2018


TEXT: Romans 5: 6-11
READING:  Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12

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SUBJ: The basis of our confidence as it is revealed in the accomplishment of the death of Christ for us and the things that proceed from being justified by His blood.

AIM: That we might reflect on the precious aspects of our standing before God and so participate in the joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

INTR: We are constrained by the Word of God to think on the work of Christ and the justification that is applied to our souls by God-given faith. This faith brings us always to consider the cross and the legal manner is which we are justified and that by the blood of Christ.
1. We are privileged to know the peace that we have with God by virtue of the reconciliation made sure in the suffering of Christ our Lord.
2. We are reminded in all this that it is all of grace and that we are passive in the accomplishment of our deliverance from sin and its consequence.
3. We are made to rejoice as we learn of that, but of all that comes to us as a result of this wondrous work of grace.

THESIS: Nothing remains stationary in the life of a believer. Standing firm on the foundation of Christ our Lord we appropriate the blessedness of being justified and having continual application of the same in our hearts and minds. We would look first at the commendation of the love of God to us and then to the compounding of grace to us.

I. The love of God commended (vv. 6-8)
1. The plain declaration of fact concerning us and the death of Christ (v. 6)
1) It is first to note our condition as being without strength to:
i. To present an acceptable righteousness or even to will to do so
ii. To offer an acceptable sacrifice for sins past or
iii. To live in an acceptable way which would require us to change our nature.
2) That fact is further confirmed as to for whom Christ died – the ungodly!
3) And so, in the fulness of time Christ came and died for them.
2. The words of verse 7, are given to demonstrate the matchless sacrifice of Christ for those who are constituted as rebels against Him
1) Unlikely that one would die for the self-righteous person such as the Pharisees
2) Possible that one might die for one who was known for doing good things even though not in Christ.
3. But, the love of God reaches into the depths of ruined humanity and by sending His Son
1) And we, who know the Lord, are those of whom he speaks as
2) Those who were in every way made up just like the children of wrath!

II. The compounding of grace (vv. 9-11)
1. We again encounter the phrase “much more” (see verse 3 and “not only so”). V. 9
2. With these words the Apostle intensifies our awareness of what justification does.
1) Being justified by His blood – the difference is the legal settlement and our receiving it unto ourselves by faith.
2) The unshakeable foundation from which we proceed: “Saved by the blood of the crucified One.” Our confidence arises from knowing that He died for me personally.
3) That we shall be saved from wrath – noting the certainty of its coming because of what we see on Christ
i. Are we not horrified at seeing the agony of Christ and
ii. Do we not further cringe as we realize that this for us
iii. And that those outside of Christ are the objects of that future wrath: If he turn not, he will whet his sword; he hath bent his bow, and made it ready. Psalms 7:12
iv. It was aimed at me but landed in Christ!
3. Much more, being reconciled (v. 10) (not God to us, but us to Him as a matter of consititution).
1) That is having been brought to Him through repentance and faith
2) Having submitted fully to His sovereignty asserting no rights of our own
3) Having been found in full surrender to His will and purpose by the operations of faith in us and the life of Christ whereby we live and that we love Him and His righteousness.
4) We are thus saved by His life:
i. Not I, but Christ liveth in me.
ii. Thus, accepted in the beloved
iii. By His continuing to live – Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them. Hebrews 7:25
4. And not only so (v. 11) – Still more!
1) We might be expected to sit quietly in the realization that we are the products of divine pity, but He will not have it to be so
2) The work of grace in us is the triumph of God over sin and that which we are made to be is to His honor and glory.
3) It is in this way that Christ is glorified and we are brought to celebrate with Him
i. This is more than joy at not going to hell
ii. It is the joy of being in the presence of God and full identity with Christ our Lord.
4) And we have received the atonement (reconciliation)
i. To experience being loved of the Lord – “Jesus loves me this I know…” is profound
ii. The blessed estate of being assured – “the word of reconciliation.”
iii. The delight of serving the Lord – “His delight is in the Law of the Lord.”
iv. Accepted – from contemptible to royalty in Christ.