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August 14, 2016


TEXT: 1 Timothy 6: 13-16 (reading vv 11-16)
 Psalm 86: 1-17

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SUBJ: The expectation of true believers realized in the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ in which He will be (and is) revealed in a most glorious array of His beauty and attributes and the manner of our waiting. – A communion meditation.

AIM: That we might hear the words the Lord spoke through Paul to Timothy and delight in the charge given us that we might honor Him for whom we look.

INTR: It is good to hear of the personal encouragement given to Timothy and others of the era in that the things they experience are not unlike that which we face in our day.
1. It is to be noted that while there is much to be desired in the way described in the word of God, true saints in every age were moved and motivated by the anticipation of a full revelation of Christ our Lord.
2. That which is faced in this world gives no outward hint to a good outcome with anything and gloom and doom is the order of the day and death seems to await on every hand.
3. How difficult it is to minister and to be ministered to in such a context as that in which we live and yet, the Word encourages and faith prevails to maintain our way with great anticipation of the revealing of our Lord and here we are afforded a glimpse.

THESIS: It has been well said that the Blessed Hope is not an event; He is a person. And, we are often afforded a look through the gloom of fleshly limitations at He who is to come and while we cannot comprehend the scene, we know it will be glorious and of infinite delight to all who wait.

I. A charge to keep until (vv. 13-14)
1. The encouragement to Timothy (vv. 11-12) was based on Paul’s own experience in which the trials had been faced and met by the grace of God.
2. The charge given him is more than a mere pep-talk; it was rather to him and us a reminder of He to whom we are brought in salvation and before whom we live in this present world.
1) While the entire life and ministry of Christ is ever before us in the Word of God and is valuable,
2) The ultimate test came as He stood before Pilate and went forward from there to the cross.
3) It is noteworthy, to say the least, that this is characterized as witnessing a good confession!
3. The commandment here may be thought of as the things Paul had just mentioned (vv. 11-12), but more likely it is that the whole of the Christian ethic and motivation was indicated – he had seen it worked out in Paul and especially in Christ.
1) To keep means to possess and treasure as most valuable and profitable
2) The manner of keeping made no allowance for carelessness – eternal things in view!
3) And that he should not become subject to criticism from the world.
4. Of importance here is that appearing of our Lord was ever in view:
1) Not just that you better be careful that He doesn’t catch you but
2) The word here is “epiphany” which speaks more of a dawning or an arising as compared to Parousia which speaks of presence – they both anticipate Him, but the manner is different.
3) The often used expression is “the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.” See also: Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; Titus 2:13 AND Who shall also confirm you unto the end, that ye may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 1:8 AND Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. 1 John 3:2

II. The manner of His revelation (v. 14b-15)
1. We often remind ourselves that His promise is one of constant presence with us and that He is in absolute control even though it may not appear so.
1) So we are often found praying for the revelation of Himself in power and might to the world
2) And certainly we long to see that for His glory – simply put, it is not time
2. But in His times He shall be revealed and we shall see Him as He is:
1) Blessed and only Potentate – most majestic Prince with the government fully in His hands
2) King of Kings and Lord of Lords – Mighty men have come and gone and we think of the Pharaohs, the Babylonians and others of the past and
3) Even now, the president of the United States is referred to as the most powerful man in the world – we know better and such men, apart from faith will fall before Him.

III. The ultimate and exclusive description (v. 16)
1. The descriptions that follow now defy definition or explanation but constitute the substance of that previously described “epiphany”
2. Men are mortal (subject to dying) and through Christ are given immortality – everybody is going to be somewhere forever! His is an underived immortality!
3. Unapproachable light (for now)
1) He is not hidden as in darkness; it is rather that we are not capable of beholding such light
2) We tend to compare with things in this present world and there is none to compare
3) No man either has or can see – we see Jesus and the glory of God in His face, but this is not to have peered into the essence of the light of the world and the life itself.
4) Ever approaching, never able to fully come to the infinitely glorious.
4. It to Him that all honor is do and
5. He is the possessor of all might forevermore.
6. A most powerful and final Amen! What a day that will be!